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Hi @Chris5596, HomeKit is the Apple Smarthome environment. Adding B-Hyve devices there via a software bridge called Homenbridge allows you to control the faucets in the same environment you would use to control smart lights and other smart home devices. Unfortunately that doesn‘t fix any of the issues that Orbit has caused by the battery indicator bug (maybe a bit: you can start watering manually there even when the B-hyve app refuses because it thinks that the batteries are empty). Orbit doesn’t officially support Apple HomeKit, thus they won’t recommend anything into that direction as a workaround. I’m not an employee of Orbit, but I do hope they give us the battery status functionality back, because it’s a must-have feature for those devices. As a software developer I can tell what a bug is when I see one, and this is one, and the current workaround can only be acceptable for a very short period of time.

Rachio doesn’t seem to be available in Germany, but thanks for the hint: I’ll keep my eyes open 🙂