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Well I’m not sure this is over yet – I’ve been connected via wifi the last few days with my rechargeable batteries in the timer showing 58%. I was trying to test manual watering which consistently failed (actually the valve turned on but the app kept saying “Timeout”), so I switched to Bluetooth control. Guess what ,the batteries showed 34%. I was having all kinds of glitchy stuff on the App so I decided first to upgrade the IOS on my phone to 16.5. After that the App would not launch at all, no surprises there. Deleted the App, reinstalled and logged in. Had to reset the hub and timer and setup all over again. Took me at least 30 minutes as I was getting all kinds of stupid “something went wrong” errors and “hangs”. Anyway finally succeeded only to still find a different battery % between BT and wifi – 34% on BT and 55% on wifi. Would be interested if anyone else sees this?. Wife and I travel a lot with extended periods away and rely on this working 100%. At this rate this lot is going in the bin soon and I’ll change to the new Rachio hose end timer.