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I have this issue also. New to B-Hyve. I have a 4-station hose timer and a Gen 2 Hub, both new. The hub connects successfully to my 2.45 GHz wifi network (steady green LED and device shows up on my network scanner).
The hose timer only connects (via Bluetooth) to my iPhone. I can find nothing that says: (a) whether the hose timer connects via wifi and Bluetooth, or only through Bluetooth, or; (b) how I could determine whether the hose timer has connected to the hub.
Further, the iPhone/Bluetooth connection isn’t stable. It drops a few minutes after establishment (while keeping the iPhone right next to the controller).
Finally, I also have the battery charge issue. Fresh AA batteries show as 23% charged.

I’d appreciate any advice and info. For example, is bluetooth the only connection modality for the hose timer? Thanks.