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For such a large project, check out This is the commercial division of Orbit. But you should really be looking for a good contractor. They will guide you for products that they can support and service.

Orbit is part of Gardena group, part of the Husqvarna brand of companies. Orbit is a pretty large player in the Irrigation arena, commercial and residential. Shipping to several countries, with several brands and diverse irrigation productions in the portfolio.

Development is still functioning, but it is frustrating when things go wrong. There are app issues at the moment, new version a few weeks back. NOBODY has good support anymore. Everyone is relying on ‘community,’ support to cut costs.

And every brand will bash the other brand. Orbit controllers are consistently ranked highly. One top ten controller list takes three spots, a top three list takes spots 2 & 3.

You can actually get ahold of someone at Orbit pretty easily, but they are just phone people. Not experienced product specialists.

Growing pains? Time will tell. Noting is certain these days.