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WOW…my head is spinning. I spent the better part of Monday with XFINITY who is my internet provider. First they ran all kinds of network tests and found some errors on the 2.4GH network and claimed the fix them, yeah NOT. Please note, my 5GH network is disabled per there request. Then they are telling me that I have bad devices, yes I have two devices that won’t connect to the WI-WI network. Then they claim that the speed that I am out is maxed out as it is at 1000 with 35+devices. Well ok, I can kind’a understand that, so I placed an upgrade to 1200 which will support more than 35 devices. Please they are sending me a replacement router. At this point I am going to wait till I receive the replacement and the network speed is upgraded.

I am shocked that this user group is non attentive to this matter.