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I have been examining the app weather and history data extensively in hopes that I can switch from a fixed watering schedule to Smart Watering. I recently switched from a commercial weather station to a nearby personal weather station as the commercial one only rarely gave a humidity reading. Perhaps it was only reporting when a manual reading was done. The PWS always report humidity.

It seems that most weather stations that I’ve looked at report as often as every 15 minutes. Haven’t been able to determine exactly when the reading is made that controls rain and wind delays. Hopefully it is the most recent weather reading.

The calendar shows weather for roughly 2 weeks in advance of the current date. The weather data gets updated (it changes!) as time goes on. Unclear to me if this forecast weather has any use in adjusting Smart Watering or implementing delays. Would be nice if the manual expained this.

Does anyone know if Orbit actaully monitors these forums? It seems that there are no offical replies to anything posted here. Also, it looks to me that the app(s) are provided by a contractor, not by Orbit itself. In any event, maybe Orbit should consider making the app “open source” so that dome of these issues could be dealt with by technically competent users within the community.