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OK I am hoping Orbit keep an eye to this forum. I have identified how to reproduce the defect. Smart watering requires a local official weather station from PWSWeather. BHyve only searches for a station within a small radius of the designated address of the timer. In my case there are no official PWSWeather stations for over 200 miles. As soon as the “Select Weather Station” menu is selected no station can be found in the searched radius and the APP crashes abruptly. If a address is modified and entered close to a formal PWSWeather station the option automatically selects this station but this is pointless as the weather is from hundreds of miles away but doing so does get over the first selection issue of crashing. I had hoped that getting through the crash that this would permit selector of a personal weather station (i have one that i bought specifically for linking to the bhyve) If the address reverted to a correct address the Select Weather Station menu no longer crashes post getting a initial selection and the apps shows the map and local personal weather stations which can be selected however unfortunately if one is chosen it shown in the “Select Weather Station” field but saving and coming back it is not saved and the field is blank with weather reverting to being fed from the initially saved official station even thought a blank source is shown. Orbit if you look at these forums can you urgently investigate please priority on saving a PWS_ personal weather station and secondly fixing a app crash if a timer is not initially in an area where a PWS official station is within the search radius.