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I have two gen1 single timers and a one gen2 4way timer, and I’ve noticed that no matter how I program it, and verify the program on the calendar tab, when I close the app, it only runs the device that I have selected when I close the app.

For example if have one of my gen1 single timers set to run every other day, and my gen2 4way set to run every 3 days. The gen2 would run with no problem if that was the last device I had selected when I closed the app, but the gen1 single timer never kicked off. And vice versa, if I went into the app, verified in the calendar that the gen1 was going to run every other day and close the app, the gen2 4eay wouldn’t run at its scheduled time.

When I go into the device, the calendar is showing right, at every other or every 3rd day, but the history (and verified from actually seeing it not run) shows nothing ran while the other device was selected in my app before closing it.

Does anyone else have this problem? It’s like it’s deactivating the other devices when I select one of them.

I don’t know how to bring them all together to be able to just make all of the schedules in one place without having to jump between devices.