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I ended up getting a call back. The lady on the phone ran me through a troubleshooting guide and there was a lot to try out. Some I already tried out, but in the end I just don’t think the sensor works with that controller or there is a procedure somewhere that is not documented. Because the unit came wired up with a jumper cable bridge the sensor terminals. Even when I removed that jumper, it still ran…which it shouldn’t.

What I ended up doing was:
1) Hook sensor red wires up to the 24V like usual.
2) Left green unconnected like usual.
3) Hooked sensor up as it there were no sensor terminals, which means disconnected original system’s white wire from COM port.
4) Connecting sensor white wire to COM port.
5) Connecting sensor yellow wire to white wire of original system with wire nut.

By doing this you’re really placing the sensor in line with the system, which is how I think it’s essentially supposed to work. When I did this, the system could be telling the sprinkler to water, but the sensor is interrupting the connection and now sending power to the valves.

I was thinking that the smart system and the sensor would communicate in a smarter way than that. In the end we’re home all the time and have cameras so we can be a better judge of how the lawn is doing. We have a well, no water restrictions, all our grass is over a couple inches of top soil, and then a LOT of sand, so it’s really hard to overwater it. So I’m just going to return the sensor, do a manual program, and turn the rain delay setting up to a higher percentage certainty setting.

Hope that helps!