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Soil Moisture – Where Does That Come From / How Is It Set?

The app determines the soil moisture from the data you’ve input into the zone information, as well as the weather details. The moisture balance updates on a nightly basis and makes adjustments based on the amount of precipitation, irrigation, and evaporation rates. When initially setting up a zone, the soil moisture should be left at…Read More »

How do I set Smart Watering watering restrictions?

Watering Restrictions Watering Restrictions can be set to not allow the Smart Watering Program(s) to water on specified days and during specified hours of the day. Note: Watering Restrictions only apply to Smart Watering Programs, any Custom Programs you have set to run will still run at their scheduled times and days. To enable/disable Watering…Read More »

How do I delete a custom Program?

Sometimes you may have a program you don’t want to use any longer. Deleting the program is a fairly simple process. To delete a program Go to the “programs page” You’ll now see the programs page with all of your active programs.  Tap “Saved Programs” to get an entire list of all of your programs. Locate the…Read More »

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