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How to program the B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor timer at the device

To create a program from the Indoor/Outdoor B-hyve timer, you’ll need to set the start times, run times, and the frequency of the program. Set the Start Time Turn the dial until the selection box is on Start Time Press the dial. You will now see 1st Start Time in the display Press the dial…Read More »

What is the difference between the 1st and 2nd Gen B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor timer

While both generations of the B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor timers look almost identical, they have 2 main differences. You can tell the difference by looking at the PROG button on the timer. If it says ABC, it’s a 1st-Gen and the ABCD is the 2nd-Gen. The letters stand for how many programs can be created. The second difference…Read More »

B-hyve Products Compatibility Chart

Product Part Number Zones Application Hub Max Connections Installation 21004 21830 21005 1 Above-Ground Watering Gen 1 16 Outdoor 24511 24516 1 Above-Ground Watering Gen 2 16 Outdoor 24632 24537 2 Above-Ground Watering Gen 2 16 Outdoor 24634 54539 4 Above-Ground Watering Gen 2 16 Outdoor 57915 57925 4 8 Under-Ground Watering 1.0 Internal Hub…Read More »

How do I update my firmware

To update the firmware on your B-hyve device, please follow the steps below. From the home page of the app, select the “My B-hyve” button in the bottom right corner Select “Devices” Choose the device you wish to update the firmware on Scroll down to “Update Firmware”, and select that option. If your device can…Read More »

What happens to my saved programs if my B-hyve timer goes offline

When a B-hyve controller loses WiFi connection, there are certain functions that will continue, and other functions that will no longer work. One very important thing to know is that even if your controller loses WiFi connection, if you had any custom programs created prior to the connection loss that were already running, then those…Read More »

Setting a start time with smart watering

If you are using Smart Watering with your B-hyve timer and wish to have the program start at a certain time, then this article will help. First, you want to go into the B-hyve app, and then tap on “Programs”. Next, you will tap the “Smart Watering” button in the top right corner Lastly, at…Read More »

B-hyve LED meanings

WiFi Hub Flood Sensors Hose Timer Indoor Timer B-hyve XR Blinking Blue – Pairing Mode Blinking Blue – Pairing Mode Blinking Blue – Pairing mode Flashing Blue and a P – pairing mode Solid White – Connected to WiFi and idle Yellow – it is looking for your Wi-Fi router. Blue-Green – BLE (Bluetooth Low…Read More »

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