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Only seeing part of the B-hyve app

If you are looking at the B-hyve app and notice that you may not be seeing the entirety of the app page, or are missing any “Save” or “Next” buttons, then we recommend going into your phone settings and making sure that the text size is set to normal. Sometimes, having a larger text size…Read More »

Getting started with B-hyve

If you have just purchased a B-hyve timer/Hub or our B-hyve Flood Sensors and Hub and have any questions or need help with setting up your new B-hyve products then this guide will help. First things first, you will want to download the B-hyve app on either the App Store or Google Play Store depending on which phone/tablet you are using…Read More »

B-hyve app guide

If you have already paired your timer and created any programs you need, then this article will help showcase some additional parts of the app. If you are looking for a run-through of pairing your device and creating programming then please click here. First, we have the “Home Page”, which is where the app will automatically…Read More »


The OrbitAssist App is a troubleshooting tool Orbit has built to help you with your network connectivity and your B-hyve device. To run this test on your home network, You will need to first download the OrbitAssist app on your phone or tablet. We’ve linked the application in the Google Play Store and Apple App…Read More »

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