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Pairing The B-hyve Hose Faucet Timer to an Existing WiFi Hub

The following video goes over how to connect a B-hyve Hose timer to an existing B-hyve WiFi Hub on your B-hyve account. Before starting this pairing process, you should download and run the OrbitAssist application using the steps found here to make sure your WiFi network is configured to work best with the B-hyve Hub. You will then want to make…Read More »

B-hyve Hose Timer and Hub LED Descriptions

What do the lights mean on the hub? Blue – it is in pairing mode with your timer. Yellow – it is looking for your Wi-Fi router. Blinking Green – it is looking for the server. Solid Green – it is connected to your timer. Solid White for 8 seconds – it is booting up. Blinking Red – it is paired…Read More »

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