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Smart Watering Advanced Settings

Welcome to B-hyve Advanced Settings. This is the perfect place to learn how Smart Watering works, discover ways to save even more water, and achieve the best possible results for your landscape. Most of the Advanced Settings can be changed using the standard Smart Watering Settings, but two settings – Efficiency and Management Allowed Depletion…Read More »

How to Choose the Weather Station my B-hyve device uses

To view and edit the Weather Station the app uses, please follow these steps: Open the B-hyve application Tap My “B-hyve” Tap “Devices” Select your Device Tap “Weather Adjustments” Tap Current Weather Station You can view and select other weather stations in this menu Tap the arrow on the top left to exit and save any changes Back…Read More »

Soil Moisture – Where Does That Come From / How Is It Set?

The app determines the soil moisture from the data you’ve input into the zone information, as well as the weather details. The moisture balance updates on a nightly basis and makes adjustments based on the amount of precipitation, irrigation, and evaporation rates. When initially setting up a zone, the soil moisture should be left at…Read More »

What Is “Smart Watering”?

Here is a brief video explaining Smart Watering, what it is, and how it works! Smart Watering takes environmental factors such as: vegetation type soil type slope sun exposure sprinkler head type the number of sprinkler heads the amount of water flowing from your sprinkler heads historical rain data evaporation tables and real-time evaporation rates…Read More »