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Pairing Your B-hyve XD Timer (Bluetooth Only)

This article will walk you through pairing your B-hyve XD Hose Faucet Timer. A couple of things you’ll need to know before we get started: This is pairing for Bluetooth only. Click here to be directed to Wi-Fi Pairing Using Bluetooth only, you won’t have access to features such as “Smart Watering” and “Automatic Rain Delays” In…Read More »

What is the difference between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 B-hyve timers?

There are two basic differences in the timer functionality: Gen2 uses Bluetooth for pairing to WiFi. Helps keep the entire experience in the B-hyve App for iOS, Android it’s a little less different. Gen1 uses AdHoc WiFi which takes a step or two more than the Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows the phone to stay connected to…Read More »

Hose Timer Disconnects from Bluetooth Often

If your B-hyve Hose Timer is frequently disconnecting from Bluetooth, then this article should help with that. The B-hyve hose timer has a Bluetooth range up to 150 feet, but this can be lower if there are any walls, floors or anything else that might disturb the signal in between you and your hose timer. If…Read More »

Which devices are supported? B-hyve

For our B-hyve devices, In order to use them properly, you need an Android/iOS device that is compatible with them. For iOS We currently support iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 13 and above. (Bluetooth 4.0+) For Android Android version 5 and higher. (Bluetooth 4.0+) Smart Watches are not supported at this time Back…Read More »