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Programming the Advanced Hose Faucet Timer

Look here for more information on programming advanced multi-port hose faucet timers such as 24713, 56544, and 56545. Advanced Programming Advanced hose faucet timers allow you to set multiple start times for your stations(hose timer outlets) to run.  First, you’ll decide how long each station should water.  Then, you’ll set your start times and add…Read More »

Can I transfer programs to a new timer

Currently, there is no way to transfer programs from one timer to another timer using any of our devices. If this was something you wanted to do, we recommend writing down the programs you currently have, exactly as you have them (or make any changes you see fit), and then proceed to set up your…Read More »

Easy Dial Timer Programming Videos

This article is full of videos pertaining to the Orbit Easy Dial Timer. Each video has a brief description of what the video goes over and should help with any programming questions you may have. In this video, we run through how to program your Orbit Easy Dial timer with basic programming: This video is…Read More »