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Advanced Programming B-hyve XD

The Advanced Programming in your B-hyve XD will give you more control over the program your timer runs.   Basic Programming vs Advanced Programming The basic program only allows an interval schedule with one start time, whereas Advanced programming will allow up to 4 start times a day, and you can water-specific days, odd/even days,…Read More »

Programming Your B-hyve XD without an app

Programming at the unit itself: You can program this timer without any connection to the app. You will simply use the dial to select your settings. Set Clock – This is the current time of day Rotate the dial to the “Set Clock” position, and then press in on the dial. Rotate the dial to the…Read More »

B-Hyve XD Manual Watering

Manual/Hand Watering – This feature allows you to water without interrupting your programmed watering schedule (these steps are applicable to all three versions of the B-hyve XD). To access this feature, follow the steps below. With the timer in AUTO mode, press the dial once quickly to access the MANUAL feature. Manual will appear on the…Read More »

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