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Rain/Freeze Sensor Troubleshooting

In this article, we will go over some troubleshooting steps for both our wired and our wireless Rain/Freeze Sensors. Hard Wired Rain Sensors When a hard wired sensor is connected to a timer it can be tested on most timers by turning the sprinklers on manually from the timer. Push the “test stem” down that…Read More »

Installing a Rain Sensor

You’ll want to mount the rain sensor where it will be exposed to direct, unobstructed rainfall (but away from sprinkler spray), as close as possible to the Orbit device. If using a wired sensor, this will cause the wire run to be shorter, minimizing the possibility of wire breaks. The mounting location should be taken…Read More »

My Timer Only Runs For 1 Second, And Then Shuts Off – B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor controller

If your timer is running for only 1 second and then shutting off, it’s likely that your timer has the Rain Sensor terminals online. Your B-hyve controller will prevent the system from running if your Rain Sensor is active. You will still be able to run your controller in a manual cycle, but your custom…Read More »