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Traveling Sprinkler Assembly and Operating Instructions

1. Sprinkler assembly Begin by inserting the black plastic T into the top of the sprinkler. Twist the long silver spray arms into the T, tightening the black rings until the spray arms are held securely in place. 2. Positioning the arms Positioning the spray arms correctly will ensure the proper operation of your sprinkler….Read More »

What’s the extra piece for on the Orbit Yard Enforcer

With the Orbit Yard Enforcer, there is a small plastic piece that will be included with the product. This piece is our “Small Animal Attachment Arm” and is used to help with having the sensor angled lower for small animals that come close to the Enforcer. Please click here to see a video showing how to attach…Read More »

Pairing Your Indoor/Outdoor B-hyve Controller

In this article, we will go over how to pair your Indoor/Outdoor B-hyve Controller. This video covers how to pair the ABCD program B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor Underground timer. Recognize the second-generation timers by the presence of the ABCD button (as opposed to ABC program timer). A couple of things you need to know before pairing: This…Read More »

How to Wire a Timer

Each valve should have two wires coming off of the solenoid. One wire will be connected to a common wire (usually a white-colored wire) along with every other valve. The common wire is attached to the COM terminal on the timer (there are multiple common terminals, it doesn’t matter which it goes in). The second…Read More »

Installing a Rain Sensor

You’ll want to mount the rain sensor where it will be exposed to direct, unobstructed rainfall (but away from sprinkler spray), as close as possible to the Orbit device. If using a wired sensor, this will cause the wire run to be shorter, minimizing the possibility of wire breaks. The mounting location should be taken…Read More »