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    I am new at this and also not a computer geek, so with that let me ask for help with my problem

    I have the B-Hyve 6 station Model 57946, I recently installed a Ambient Weather Model 2902A. I don’t see my station listed on the B-Hyve map for smart watering. I have linked my station to Weather Underground, Ambient Weather and Weather Cloud. I see my data on all three. What can I do to get my PWS on the map with Orbit/B-Hyve?

    I just spent an hour and twenty five minutes on the phone with Orbit support (mostly wait time) and was told that only “AESIS”? stations will show up. Did a google search and found nothing relating to weather reporting under that name. Please help.

    Thanks in advance

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    Josh Wheeler


    I setup an Ambient Weather PWS here at the office and I noticed that it took a little bit for it to appear in the list of stations I could choose from. It seems that their system wants to do some validation before it makes it into the list of stations.

    You didn’t mention and I am pretty sure this is where the App & Timer will get the list of stations from. In the settings I had, it said to use to get it on

    I only configured WUNDERGROUND (not required for App but fun to see the data) and (what the B-hyve system uses, in the settings).

    When I set up I had to create a user name and then a stationid, then in the Ambient Weatherbridge it asked for the WeatherForYou username and password, what it really needs is the stationid and the password.

    If your system stops reporting they (Aeris & will also remove it from the list.

    Here’s the link to ours on both WUNDERGROUD and PWSWeather:

    Maybe you can compare this with what you have and see if there’s any difference.

    Hope this helps!

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    When does the bhyve read the pws info? I set up a pws station and linked my bhyve to it but didn’t get a rain delay notice after a rain event greater than my set point.

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