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    I have 3 Orbit outdoor B-Hyve irrigation timers. Due to family medical issues,I need to be away from home for long periods. My internet connection was dropped and now I can’t reconnect my stations. (Things like this always happen when I am about 3000 miles from the home.) I was told the problem is my new router. It is a 6ghz model. Spectrum can steer it to 2.4ghz for a short period, but claim I need to be home to reconnect to the B-Hyve devices. One agent from Orbit suggests I get a router with 2 bands and set up 2 separate networks. The 2.4ghz would be used for the B-Hyve timers and the other for our computers, smart TV, etc. Does anyone know if this sounds like a solution? What good are these systems if they can’t be used remotely?

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