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    Twice I have rebooted my wifi router and both times I noticed the next day that my B-Hyve timer was no longer connected to my wifi.
    Both times I bad to power cycle the B-Hyve to get it to reconnect to my wifi.
    Is there an internal timer in the unit that if it loses wifi connectivity, it automatically tries to reconnect? If so, how often does it try?
    In addition, does it give up trying after a certain period of time or number of tries and never tries again? I suspect that when my router is down for a few minutes, the B-hyve just gives up and never tries again.
    Hardware: WT25H-0001 Firmware: 0045 WIFI: 67076
    My connection status says, “Not Connected.”

    Last connected at: 07-05-2018 08:53:50
    I am not sure if the, “Last connected” time was the last time I logged into the timer from the web browser or if this was the last time the timer was had good internet connectivity. What exactly does, “Last connected” mean?

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    Hello sdtoddl, Try editing your DNS settings on your router to with as a back-up. You can also try factory resetting your timer, unplugging your ribbon cable for 5 seconds, and then try re-connecting to your network. If you can get your timer connected I can send a firmware update which would help with your connection issues. There is not much else I can do from here outside of firmware updates, so if you continue to have problems, after the firmware has been updated please contact our product support line.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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