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    When I look at a Watering Event in the past (previous day for example), there’s a calculation going on on the right hand side in the app:

    Moisture Levels:
    Beginning Balance: 0.17″
    Irrigation: +1.16″
    Rain: +0.00
    ET (Evaporation): -0.11″
    Ending Balance: +0.21″

    Shouldn’t the answer have been: +1.37″?

    In another example on a day that it rained a little I see a similar problem:

    Moisture Levels:
    Beginning Balance: 0.10″
    Irrigation: +1.13″
    Rain: +0.12
    ET (Evaporation): -0.09″
    Ending Balance: +0.22″

    I would have expected 0.10″ + 1.13″ + 0.12″ – 0.09 = 1.24″

    What am I missing? Perhaps there another item missing where the water is absorbed in the ground below the root level? I’m not sure why rain is treated differently from irrigation in the calculation.

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