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    Due to water pressure available at my home and the size of my lawn, I have to divide the watering of my lawn into 4 separate areas (FrontLeft, FrontRight, BackLeft, and BackRight) such that only one of these areas is being watered at any given time. I would like to water each area for 30-minutes in the morning and another 30-minutes in the evening every day, as follows:

    0500 – 0530 FrontLeft
    0530 – 0600 FrontRight
    0600 – 0630 BackLeft
    0630 – 0700 BackRight

    2000 – 2030 FrontLeft
    2030 – 2100 FrontRight
    2100 – 2130 BackLeft
    2130 – 2200 BackRight

    To accomplish this I purchased four individual Hose Faucet Timers (Part# 21005) and I am having difficulty in configuring the app to accomplish the above schedule. It seems to me that the app treats each timer (21005) individually, with its own set of 3 possible programs (A, B, and C). The online user manual ( does not provide any definition of what a “zone” is. But, after playing around with the app a bit it seems to me that each individual hose timer (21005) has just one zone.

    Is this the intention of the app to treat each timer (21005) individually, rather than having a “Program” that consists of multiple different timers?

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    Currently each Hose faucet timer is one zone or station, and must be configured separately. to switch between each hose faucet timer/your active device quickly just press on the bhyve logo in the middle top of the homepage, and a drop down bar for all of your devices will appear.

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    I understand that each Hose Faucet Timer supports only one zone: that make sense since there is only one output for the device. However, I am baffled by the concept of “Programs”, especially when it is defined by Orbitz as “A program is where you store all of your sprinkler settings. It consists of a group of stations set to specific start times and run times.” That part about “a group of stations” is what baffles me. To the best of my understanding so far, each timer has its own “Programs” yet the concept promulgated by Orbitz appears that one “Program” can/should support multiple timers. So, what I have to do now (as far as I understand it) is to configure each timer to have the same program name as the other timers. However, the app still is focused on only a single faucet timer at any given time. To make matters worse, the app does not contain any indication of which particular timer it is currently working with once you select the timer. This makes it necessary for the user to remember which timer they are working with once they select it. I thought that one of the tenets of a good UI design is to have the computer do as much work (and remembering) as possible to free up the humble humans from having to do such menial (and error-prone) tasks.

    Are there any plans on improving the App so that it works well with multiple timers, as one would find in a home with a reasonable lot size?

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    rodgotty, At the home page of your app under the bhyve logo, it will tell you which device is currently your active device. Also the app is the same app used for all of our smart products. Our under ground sprinkler timers have multiple zones that is why it asks to add zones instead of a single zone for your hose faucet timers. Each of our hose faucet timers has three programs that can be used. However they only work for that device and cannot be enabled, or support your other devices. So yes you will need to just create the same program for each timer, and if desired you could give it the same name.

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    I have multiple hose timers, and once I understood that the app is optimally designed to support the multiple valve timers BUT also contains the features we need to run our hose timers, it all clicked for me.

    The app ties them all together for you to select and control them – but each hose timer only knows about its own zone (and only zone) and programs. I rename each timer’s zone (zone 1) for where I am going to put it – although I named my timers themselves by number (as I was not sure where they all would end up) I thought about naming the device itself “back Yard north” and “front yard” etc.

    So for my timer1 in the back yard – I renamed zone 1 to backyard
    For my timer2 for the front yard I renamed zone 1 (and we are talkin timer 2’s zone 1) to frontyard

    If you are unsure which one you are on – go to the home screen – and right below the B-hyve logo you will see “Active Device: your device name here”

    I saw the cool feature above to switch between devices – I used to – go to settings on the lower right, pick devices, pick the desired device, pick “control this device” and you are back to home with this device now listed under the logo. The dropdown makes all that unnecessary.

    Half the trouble with software is knowing what to ignore. B-hyve as an entity does not seem to have product manager level awareness of the user experience and what happens to us is we call in, confused by the zones and programs issue – and some of the better support techs explain it well, others don’t seem to understand why we are confused.

    What I wish they had done is given us something like this:
    Congratulations you have just purchased a powerful tool for automating your watering needs. For those of you who have purchased hose timers, some of the language/features of the app may be a bit confusing, for this app is also used to control timers which may themselves be controlling 6 individual valves. Just remember, for you, each hose timer only controls 1 valve and thus one zone. Each timer will show a zone 1, but it is only relative to that timer.

    I get why they did not break out a separate app for us, the ‘hose people’, but I do wish they had the awareness to help set the paradigm for us up front. the fact that so many of us are confused should be evidence of the need to do so, but I realize that would also would be an ackowledgement of ” . .this is not ideal, or we would not have to say this, but his is how we did it” and crossing


    threshold may be the issue here.

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