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    Have large property and it would be great to be able to link all the timers together which would make programming and the smart water feature way easier.

    So I have 6 Obit timers and have to manually calc begin and end times to program next station. If they were link, it would allow me to see run times, etc on the calendar. Right now I have to switch between the different timers to see what and how long items are being watered. it’s a pain and I can miss some over lapping if my calcs are wrong.

    T1 P1 Z2 6M
    T1 P1 Z3 8M
    T2 P2 Z1 10M
    T3 P1 Z2 15M

    It could be a very simple programming fix and allow me to make changes one program or zone and it would be just adjusted automatically. Right now if I have all the timers squished together and I increase time then I have to go and adjust start times on each timer so there is no overlap. I’m on a well and can’t have more than one zone running at a time.

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