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    Hi, I live in Florida and am limited to watering 2 days. I have a Wed program and a Sat program. Both are set to run at 2am.

    The Wed program should start at 2am on Wed morning.

    Due to the amount of rain this summer, I’ve left the 2 programs OFF mostly.

    Yesterday, Tuesday afternoon, I turned the WED program ON. However it did not run this morning. I had checked the home screen after I turned on the WED program and it said it was set to begin at 2am. It now says it is scheduled to begin at 2am in 7 days.

    This has happened a few different times when I’ve tried to turn a program on the day before.

    Is there some type of reason why a program would not run if I activate it the day before? Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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