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    I have
    B-hyve® Gen 1 Wi-Fi Hub (Part #: 21006)
    a restricted network and need to open specific ports to allow devices to connect to the internet.

    current state I have the normal ports 80, 443, 53 and the like for normal internet traffic.
    for troubleshooting purposes I created an any any rule and was able to connect to the hub and setup my timers.
    This lead me to figure out I needed port 8887. So I deleted the any any rule and added port 8887 to my list of ports.
    I was able to setup the wifi hub, connect 2 timers and able to manage it all on my phone…….until today (3 days later)

    So obviously I missed some ports and need help. Without enabling any any rule again, attached is a screenshot of the error I get. If anyone can please help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

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