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    Josh, thanks for reaching out on this thread. I have a few responses as a new user of your products.

    I can appreciate you wanting users to reach out to support before doing anything too extreme (deauth for example). The fact that your support is unavailable when most homeowners are able to work in/on their yards (weekend, evenings) makes this extremely difficult. Due to the lack of support, they’re often forced to rely on Google, forums, the knowledgebase, or their own troubleshooting.

    This forum thread was one of the first few Google search results and gave some troubleshooting ideas, but it seems that the only resolution was to give someone the mac address and they’d manually install the firmware (eventually). On a weekend, when you’re trying to get your new system up and running, that isn’t a realistic solution.

    I also searched your knowledgebase (support page) for assistance, but it only gave basic knowledge and nothing similar to what you explained in your post regarding firmware updates, deauth, bootloader, etc.

    I went with your product because I wanted to get a system that would integrate with Google Home and could be managed or monitored remotely. For the price, it was a prime candidate. From the various reviews, I knew that it had the possibility to be difficult. While I have it working now. I’ve had to return 6 DoA devices to Home Depot because of various faults with the hardware ranging from failed firmware (this thread) to devices not staying connected. Most of those returns were done on the weekend when I wanted to get my system up and had no support to lean on. Others are after I reached out to you guys. The first person just told me they wanted to RMA my 1 day old device with no troubleshooting effort. The next was an email that went back and forth with some help, but eventually needing to exchange to get a working device.

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    Josh Wheeler

    LIONHEART4G – I agree with everything you said, as a consumer myself I get it. I have been told that this year we will have support on the weekends (Sat: 8am-5pm & Sun: 8am-2pm MDT not for sure yet but being decided) and 24/7 support via email. I don’t have a date on when this will start but it could be mid April at the earliest or late May at the latest. I am not responsible for that myself so I’m not 100% positive what’s available when but I’m told the support will be better.

    Thanks for the feedback, it takes some tough love sometimes to get the ball rolling and we want to provide the best products we can and when there are problems we want to provide the best support. Sometimes we make mistakes but we’re working to improve and hope you’ll continue to enjoy our products.

    Thanks again!

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    The Chu

    Yeah could someone please update my gear thanks… Same boring problems with a blinking white light. Totally regret buying this system, spend more time reacting to it than I want to.
    Anyhow mac address is 44:67:55:12:75:51

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    I’m having the same problem. Paired my brand new Faucet Timer, it tried to update the firmware but failed. I got the flashing white light only, and tried repeatedly to update firmware again but it kept failing. Finally I de-authorized the timer, but now I can’t do anything because I can’t pair it again. I’m now stuck with a unit flashing white light no matter what I do.
    MAC 44:67:55:11:B3:68

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    I was facing this same problem. The faucet timer would be blinking white, but my phone couldn’t connect to it – it just showed a “Connecting” progress bar continuously. I finally got it to work by installing the bhyve app on my Amazon Kindle Fire tablet – it had no problem connecting to the faucet timer. Apparently my Google Pixel 3 with Android 10 just couldn’t get the job done. I had to download the app from because the bhyve app isn’t in the Amazon app store.

    As a side note – probably also Android 10 related – the app wouldn’t pair to the wifi hub initially. I had to go to the app settings (Android’s system settings menu, not the settings menu within the app), go to Permissions, and enable “Storage”. For whatever reason, the app never prompted me to turn this permission on, but once I authorized it, it was able to connect.

    bhyve support: please ask your engineers to test firmware updates and pairing from new phones – specifically the Google Pixel 3 with Android 10.

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