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    I’ve got an issue with the weather not being correctly displayed on my two orbit tap timers (Hardware version HT25-0000 Firmware version 41).

    On my smart outdoor timer it is receiving the correct weather all three devices have the address details including the postcode added along with the WiFi Hub.

    I also tried deauthorizing the devices and setting them up again without any success.

    I have all three devices using the same personal weather station, an example of the issue is we are forecast rain today and the two tap timers don’t have a rain delay but my outdoor timer has an auto rain delay in place. They are also showing tomorrows temperature as being 7 degrees hotter than the outdoor timer which is behaving correctly.

    The MAC addresses of the timers are 44:67:55:12:C0:89 44:67:55:12:C4:41 the wifi hub address is 44:67:55:12:C4:41


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    Hello i have the same issue backwards, i have rain delay for 7days and the weather forecast is showing 7days sunny so my lawn get too dry this is not working as advertised.
    Model WT25-0001
    Mac 44:67:55:00:DF:55
    Firmware 0032

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    @qtronix100 I’m showing that your timer hasn’t had a rain delay on it for 3 days now. Did you provide me with the correct MAC ID for your timer?

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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