Yard Enforcer Setup

Yard Enforcer Setup


Let’s assemble your Yard Enforcer


First, thread the riser onto the valve.


Slip the mounting arm onto the riser

Now thread the impact sprinkler onto the riser above the mounting arm.

Great. Now plug the valve cable into the sensor.

Thread the step-spike onto the valve and tighten the swivel coupling by hand.

Install Batteries

Now we need to install the batteries. First, verify the operation dial is in the “OFF” position.

Now, remove the tray on the back of the sensor by sliding it out. The battery tray is waterproof. You may need to use a screwdriver to push on the tab and slide the compartment out.

Ok great. Insert four AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries (not included) facing as directed on the tray and replace the tray.

Done?  Let’s move on.

Attach to Garden Hose. Be sure you push the stake in the softened ground.

Now, let’s adjust the sprinkler head.

Adjusting the Distance of Spray

The distance of spray can be adjusted with the following methods:

  • Using the Diffuser Pin.
    • Screw diffuser pin into stream of water to reduce coverage.
  • Using Deflector Shield.
    • Turn distance control knob to push deflector shield into stream of water to reduce distance.

Adjusting the Pattern of Spray

The spray pattern can be adjusted with the following methods:

Partial Circle Coverage

Push the trip pin to the down position. Slide the friction collars to adjust any portion of the 360 degrees.

Full Circle Coverage

Move the trip pin to the up position.

Adjust the Sensor

You can adjust the duration of the spray by turning the labeled knob.

Also, adjust the range of the sensor by turning the labeled knob.

Then set the operation dial to your desired on position.

Turn on your water.

Next, make further adjustments to the impact head, duration, and range as needed to fine-tune the enforced area.

Remember, the sensor detects the combination of both heat and movement to activate the valve.

Move the sensor unit left or right by applying pressure to the unit in either direction.

Face the sensor unit up or down by loosening the attachment knob, moving it into place, and then tightening the attachment knob.

Tip:  The Sensor may detect that it is night during the day if it is in a shaded area.

Intelligent Sensing

Your Yard Enforcer is programmed with Intelligent Sensing. This feature automatically increases the time between each of the valve activations to prevent overwatering. Ok, turn this feature off by rotating the operation dial to “Off” and holding the 30 minute water Cycle Button for 20 seconds. The sprinkler will activate briefly to confirm. Repeat the above steps to turn intelligent sensing back on.

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