Yard Enforcer Troubleshooting

Water is leaking from joints

Check if:

  • Connections and swivel couplings are tight.
  • Washer is missing, pinched, or damaged and replace if needed.

Sprinkler won’t activate

Check if:

  • Operation dial is set to appropriate time of day.
  • Valve cable is connected to sensor unit.
  • Batteries are low and replace if needed.
  • Hose faucet is on.

Sensor not detecting movement

Check if:

  • Range adjustment is set too low and adjust range if needed.
  • Angle of sensor on mounting arm is too steep and adjust sensor angle if needed.
  • Object in front of sensor is moving and producing heat.
  • Intelligent Sensing increases the delay between activations. Deactivate Intelligent Sensing mode if desired (see Intelligent Sensing section).
  • There is dust, dirt or hard water build-up on the white lens which will limit sensitivity. Wipe the lens gently with a damp cloth if needed.


Sprinkler is activating without movement

Check if:

  • Sensor is detecting tree movement with the sun behind the tree.
  • Activate Intelligent Sensing mode if desired.
  • Sensor is being triggered falsely. Ensure sensor is not pointed at moving objects, such as water or windy areas.
  • The Sensor may detect that it is night during the day if in shaded area.

Sprinkler is taking longer to turn off

Check if:

  • Batteries are low and replace if needed.

Working Water Pressure

  • Minimum: 20 PSI
  • Maximum: 100 PSI

(If you do have high-pressure Orbit® recommends adding a pressure reducer to increase hose life).

Working Temperature

  • Maximum: Do not operate at temperatures exceeding 120°F
  • Minimum: Keep from freezing. To prevent damage from freezing water, take the Yard Enforcer™ inside and remove the battery before the first winter frost.


  • For outdoor use with cold water only.
  • Improper setup or use of sprinklers increases the risk of water damage to property.
  • Limit the supply of water to the sprinkler by opening the valve to a 3/4 turn position.
  • Use high-quality hoses and maintain pressures within the working pressure range stated above.
  • Install a pressure reducer if you have high pressure from the hose faucet.
  • Only opening the tap part way does NOT lower water pressure.
  • Use the step on the stake when pushing into the ground.
  • Do not apply pressure or weight on the sensor housing or sprinkler.

Should you continue to have issues with your Enforcer, or have any additional questions, please click here to reach out to our Customer Care Team.

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