B-hyve LED meanings

WiFi Hub

Flood Sensors

Hose Timer

Indoor Timer

B-hyve XR

Blinking Blue – Pairing Mode

Blinking Blue – Pairing Mode

Blinking Blue – Pairing mode

Flashing Blue and a P – pairing mode

Solid White – Connected to WiFi and idle

Yellow – it is looking for your Wi-Fi router.

Blue-Green – BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Mode

Blinking Blue/Yellow – previously setup and paired successfully, but lost connection and is now searching for the previous connection.

Solid White – Connected to WiFi and idle

Blinking Yellow – Rain Delay

Blinking Green – it is looking for the server.

Red blink and double beep every 2 seconds – Water Alarm

Blinking Blue/Green – your timer has paired to Bluetooth.

Flashing White and a clockwise circle – Connecting to WiFi or Server

Solid Blue – Connected to Bluetooth and idle

Solid Green – it is connected to your timer.

Red blink every 2 seconds – Loading/Updating/Silenced Water Alarm

Blinking Green – it is currently watering.

Green and a Station number – Station is Watering

Solid Green – Currently Watering

Solid White for 8 seconds – it is booting up.

Red blink and beep every 5 seconds – Temperature Alarm

Blinking Yellow every ten seconds – it has set a rain delay.

Yellow and a d – Rain Delay

Solid Red – Not connected to a network

Blinking Red – it is paired with your timer, but can’t find the Wi-Fi router.

Red blink every 5 seconds – Silenced Temperature Alarm

Blinking White every two seconds – Bootloader or Firmware mode

Flashing Red, White, and Blue and a clockwise circle – Identify mode has been turned on

Blinking Blue – Pairing Mode

Blinking Purple – Firmware has been installed but device has lost WiFi credentials

Red blink every 2 seconds with chirp every minute – Device Error

Blinking Red every 5 seconds – Low Batteries

Flashing Red – Timer is Off

Solid Green, Yellow or Red after 2 second button press – High, Medium, or Low Battery

Blinking White/Green – the identify command in the app has been activated to help you identify which timer you are modifying if you have multiple timers.

Red and F and number – Fault

White continuous flashing – Identify Device

Solid Blue – Connected to Bluetooth and idle

No LED – idle mode

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