B-Hyve XD Manual Watering

Manual/Hand Watering – This feature allows you to water without interrupting your programmed watering schedule (these steps are applicable to all three versions of the B-hyve XD). To access this feature, follow the steps below.

  1. With the timer in AUTO mode, press the dial once quickly to access the MANUAL feature.
  2. Manual will appear on the display and the time slot will begin to flash. Verify the zone you want to water from is selected, if not press the zone button.
  3. Turn the dial until the desired number of minutes are displayed, then press the dial to confirm the selection.
  4. The watering icon will appear on the display and the display will begin to flash between the current time and the remaining manual watering minutes.

Note: There may be a slight delay between the time the dial is pressed and when the manual watering begins.

To stop the manual watering, press the dial. The watering icon will disappear and your timer will resume its programmed watering schedule.

If manual watering will overlap a programmed watering schedule, then the timer will delay the program until the manual watering is finished. 

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