Mist Systems FAQ

Looking for more information on mist systems or to get one of your own?

How does misting work?

Fine droplets of mist are sent into the air which cools the surrounding air by as much as 20 degrees through evaporation, depending on how hot and humid it is.

Where should I install a mist system?

This could vary by system and pressure, but a good place to start is 8 to 10 feet high in the location you want to cool down.

Can I extend mist kits for more length?

Our 3/8″ mist kits can be extended with an extension kit.  The portable mist cooling kit has tubing that is 1/4″ and cannot be extended.  When extending your system, keep in mind that it will need to maintain pressure between 45 and 80 PSI for most 3/8″ systems.  Additional tubing and nozzles will decrease this pressure.

How much water does a mist system use? 

Orbit mist nozzles put out .5 gallons per hour (GPH).  Simply halve the number of nozzles you have to get how many gallons per hour your system uses.

Do I need a filter or an auto-drain valve?

Yes!  A filter is highly recommended to keep the tiny holes in mist nozzles clear of debris and mineral buildup. An auto-drain valve lets water leave the system when not in use, preventing algae, minerals, or debris from settling into the mist nozzles.  Both work to prolong the life of your system and nozzles.

Do I need a pump?

If the hose faucet you’re going to use for your mist system is between 45 and 80 PSI, you won’t need a pump for most Orbit mist kits. The pump on the Orbit store is for professional 3/8″ systems that can handle pressures up to 160PSI.  It is recommended to use water pressure of 40 PSI going into the pump, using a pressure reducer if necessary.  This pump can handle approximately 22-25 nozzles on 50 feet of flexible mist line.

Are mist nozzles replaceable?

Orbit mist nozzles are 10/24 threaded brass and stainless steel nozzles compatible with many systems.  Nozzles are replaceable for our portable and standard mist kits, the Flex Cobra(10360) mister, older personal misting bottles(20256, 20025), the 1/2″ Viper mist stand(10099, 10199) and tripod mist stands (10717). They are not replaceable for the 1/4″ Sidewinder Flexible mist stand(10198).

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