Orbit Daybreak Timer Guide

All of us from Orbit® would like to thank you for choosing the Daybreak timer. You have made a smart decision and we are sure that you are going to love this product! Your timer has two unique ways to be set:


Choose to water Every Day or Every 2 Days in 5, 15, 30, or 60-minute increments. Once this side is selected the timer will automatically turn on at sunrise. This will help you water during the most optimal time of day to water

HELPFUL HINT: Watering at sunrise helps avoid creating an environment susceptible to fungus and bacteria and reduces water waste as a result of evaporation.


Choose to water Every Day or Every 2 Days in 5, 15, 30, or 60-minute increments. The timer will note the exact time at which you set it and will water at this same time until you change the timer settings by turning the dial. Choose this side to select your preferred watering time.

EXAMPLE: If you set your timer at 7:08 am to water every day, then your water will turn on at 7:08 am each morning going forward.


When using the Daybreak timer, you can also turn it to either ON or OFF. If you turn the timer to the OFF setting, then the timer will no longer run until you change the dial to a different position.

If you turn the timer to the ON setting, then the timer will run manually and stay open for as long as the dial is set to ON.

Using ON or OFF will reset the timer and you will need to rotate the dial back to DAYBREAK or SET TIME to start automatic watering again. DAYBREAK will water as normal. SET TIME will water at the new set time.


The light indicator will flash green while changing dial settings. Resting the dial in a position for three seconds will confirm the selection and will show as a solid green light.

The light will flash red when the batteries are low and ready to be changed.

HELPFUL HINT: Watering too little each day can lead to shallow grassroots. Overwatering can reduce oxygen supply to your lawn and cause the grass to stress

Timer Specs:

  • Pressure Operating Range: 10-100 PSI

  • Temperature Operating Range: 35-120°F (0-48°C)

  • For Outdoor Use with Cold Water Only.

  • Not For Use with Appliances.


*When expecting freezing temperatures, timers should be removed from the hose faucet and stored indoors to avoid potential freeze damage.*

*Filter traps dirt particles, prolonging the life of the timer. Clean filter regularly and replace if worn.*

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