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B-hyve hose timers – Low Battery

Low battery on the B-hyve hose faucet timers, will result in your timer turning itself to OFF automatically and being unable to turn it back to AUTO.  If you notice that your hose timer is perhaps not running the schedule you scheduled it to run, then it is very possible that the batteries need to…Read More »

Hose Timer General Knowledge

This article contains some general information on Orbit’s hose timers and their specs. What is the working pressure of hose timers? – 5-100 PSI What is the flow rate of hose timers? – 2.7-18 GPM What type of batteries do our hose timers need? – Battery-operated timers require 2 X 1.5 v Batteries, and we recommend using Alkaline…Read More »

Unable to turn on Smart Watering on my B-hyve Hose faucet timer or B-hyve XD

If you have a B-hvye XD or the B-hyve hose faucet timer, and are unable to activate smart watering on your device, then this article is for you. The most likely reason that you are unable to turn on smart watering is that your timer is not connected to your home WiFi. In order for our B-hyve hose…Read More »

How to program your timer

If you are looking for help with programming your Orbit or B-hyve timer, then this article should help. This article contains links to both our Orbit and B-hyve line of timers and will help you in programming your device to fit your needs. Please check below to find an article to fit your needs. *Note:…Read More »

Pairing the Hose Timer and Hub

What a customer needing helping with pairing their Hose Timer and Hub may sound like: “My B-hyve device keeps disconnecting from the Hub” “I can’t get my hose timer to pair with my Hub” Good Questions to ask the customer: Does the property have Wi-Fi? Has the device been connected to Wi-Fi? Have you entered…Read More »

Programming the Advanced Hose Faucet Timer

Look here for more information on programming advanced multi-port hose faucet timers such as 24713, 56544, and 56545. Advanced Programming Advanced hose faucet timers allow you to set multiple start times for your stations(hose timer outlets) to run.  First, you’ll decide how long each station should water.  Then, you’ll set your start times and add…Read More »

How to reconnect the Smart Hose Timer & WiFi Hub to a new router (Or after a change to your router settings)

How to reconnect the Smart Hose Timer & WiFi Hub when changing routers  1. In the app, tap My B-hyve then Devices.  2. Tap on the WiFi Hub then Update WiFi Settings. 3. Your app will look for your hub and automatically connect to it.  4. The Hub will look for available WiFi networks to…Read More »

Device Groups

Device groups are a grouping of Hose Faucet Timers and Gen 1 devices that the hose faucet timers can speak with. These device groups will provide the Hose Timers with the internet. If you only have one device, you can ignore this page. The device group page will show you which other B-hyve devices that are on your…Read More »