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How to Cancel an order

You can now cancel an order through our website within the first few hours of processing for any reason and this article will help guide you through that process. Once you have gotten through the checkout process, you will need to either create an account under the same email you used to create the order,…Read More »

Manufacturing Information

This article contains information on where our products are manufactured in: Hose timer – China XD – China Flood Sensor – China 1st and 2nd gen hub – China B-hyve Indoor Timer – Philippines B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor – USA with global materials XR – China Yard Enforcer – some parts in China but assembled in the…Read More »

How to program the B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor timer at the device

To create a program from the Indoor/Outdoor B-hyve timer, you’ll need to set the start times, run times, and the frequency of the program. Set the Start Time Turn the dial until the selection box is on Start Time Press the dial. You will now see 1st Start Time in the display Press the dial…Read More »

Orbit Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy INTRODUCTION Orbit Irrigation Products LLC. (“Company” or “We”) respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it through our compliance with this policy. This policy describes the types of information we may collect from you or that you may provide when you visit the website ( and subsidiary sites) (our “Website”) and our…Read More »

Device Sharing

Did you know you can share your device with a friend, family member, or neighbor? Its a fairly simple process, and here is how you can go about doing that. Users have the ability to share devices. Sharing will allow the end user to grant access to their B-hyve device with any user who has…Read More »