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How to tell multiple timers to smart water at different times

If you are using multiple B-hyve timers, and want to use smart watering with each of them, then you will need to adjust the smart watering program for each device. In order to do this, you will need to add a “Suggested Start Time” for the smart watering on your B-hyve devices. Be sure to…Read More »

Setting a start time with smart watering

If you are using Smart Watering with your B-hyve timer and wish to have the program start at a certain time, then this article will help. First, you want to go into the B-hyve app, and then tap on “Programs”. Next, you will tap the “Smart Watering” button in the top right corner Lastly, at…Read More »

Unable to turn on Smart Watering on my B-hyve Hose faucet timer or B-hyve XD

If you have a B-hvye XD or the B-hyve hose faucet timer, and are unable to activate smart watering on your device, then this article is for you. The most likely reason that you are unable to turn on smart watering is that your timer is not connected to your home WiFi. In order for our B-hyve hose…Read More »

Personal Weather Station Requirements for B-Hyve

Look here for information on using a personal weather station for Smart Watering on your B-hyve timer. B-hyve can use data from personal weather stations that are able to report to https://www.pwsweather.com/.  They have an excellent FAQ section that lists compatible programs and a few compatible devices. As devices, manufacturers, and program requirements change, we can’t recommend a…Read More »

How To Determine The Type of Soil In Your Yard

Different types of soil can hold different amounts of water. B-hyve adjusts your watering schedule based on the specific type of soil in this zone.  Perform a ribbon test to know the type of soil in your yard.   Here is a visual guide for the Soil Ribbon Test: Clay Clay is typically heavy with…Read More »

Whats the difference? WeatherSense Rain Delay vs Rain Sensor

WeatherSense technology works with the Smart Watering program, which monitors the forecast and manual weather thresholds, to place the timer in an automatic weather delay when the forecast and weather thresholds are met or exceeded. The WeatherSense program will suspend watering when one of three weather delays are activated.  WeatherSense has thresholds relating to rain…Read More »

What Is “Smart Watering”?

Here is a brief video explaining Smart Watering, what it is, and how it works! Smart Watering takes environmental factors such as: vegetation type soil type slope sun exposure sprinkler head type the number of sprinkler heads the amount of water flowing from your sprinkler heads historical rain data evaporation tables and real-time evaporation rates…Read More »

How do I set Smart Watering watering restrictions?

Watering Restrictions Watering Restrictions can be set to not allow the Smart Watering Program(s) to water on specified days and during specified hours of the day. Note: Watering Restrictions only apply to Smart Watering Programs, any Custom Programs you have set to run will still run at their scheduled times and days. To enable/disable Watering…Read More »