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How to reconnect the Flood Sensors & WiFi Hub to a new router (Or after a change to your router settings)

How to reconnect the Flood Sensors & WiFi Hub when changing routers:  1. In the app, tap My B-hyve then Devices (if you only have Flood Sensors, My B-hyve may be called Settings). 2. Tap on the WiFi Hub then Update WiFi Settings.  3. Your app will look for your Hub and automatically connect to…Read More »

How To Resolve Audio Alert Failure on Your B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor

If you’re getting Flood alerts to your app, but you’re not receiving the audio alerts from the sensor itself, its possible your speaker isn’t making a proper connection. Resetting that connection will typically resolve this issue. 1. Insert a flathead screwdriver into the open slot.  2. Turn the screwdriver 90º to snap open the cover…Read More »

How To Switch To Flood Sensors From A Timer In The App

This article will show you how to switch from controlling a B-hyve timer to the B-hyve flood sensors within the B-hyve App To switch between devices in your B-Hyve app Tap the drop-down arrow that’s right below the B-Hyve logo at the top left of the home screen. The drop-down will let you choose between…Read More »

How To Pair Your B-hyve Smart Flood Sensor and Hub

This article will walk you through pairing your B-hyve Smart Flood Sensors with their Hub. A couple of things you need to know before pairing: Your network name (SSID) and password are required You need a Gen 2 Hub in order to pair, the hub for your Hose Faucet timers will not work. You’ll need…Read More »

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