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B-hyve controllers and 2.4GHz WiFi networks

If you had any questions on why most of the B-hyve devices require a 2.4 GHz, then this article should help. Currently, all models of B-hyve timers (except for the B-hyve XR) and our WiFI hubs require a 2.4GHz WiFi to connect to the internet. This is how the devices were designed, and this cannot…Read More »

How many devices can connect to the B-hyve Hubs

Currently, we have two different generations of the B-hyve WiFi hub. The First Gen WiFi Hub connects to our B-hyve faucet timer, and can have up to 64 different devices connected to it at a given time. The Second Gen WiFi Hub connects to our B-hyve XD single, double, four station hose faucet timers as well as our B-hyve Flood sensors, and can have up…Read More »


The OrbitAssist App is a troubleshooting tool Orbit has built to help you with your network connectivity and your B-hyve device. To run this test on your home network, You will need to first download the OrbitAssist app on your phone or tablet. We’ve linked the application in the Google Play Store and Apple App…Read More »

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