What happens to my saved programs if my B-hyve timer goes offline

When a B-hyve controller loses WiFi connection, there are certain functions that will continue, and other functions that will no longer work.

One very important thing to know is that even if your controller loses WiFi connection, if you had any custom programs created prior to the connection loss that were already running, then those will still run as normal. Smart programming will also continue to run for any scheduled times, but will not be able to update and water according to weather since smart watering uses WiFi to make any changes. Any zone not included in the smart watering programs will not be watered since it was not scheduled. Typically smart watering will create programs up to 2-weeks out, and can continue to run these created programs as long as the timer is not connected to WiFi.

While your controller is offline, you will not be able to control it remotely from the app through WiFi. If you were within Bluetooth range, you would be able to connect still. Your watering history will also cease to record until the controller is back online.

If you are running into any issues with connection, please check out the following articles for help with getting your timer back online with a stable connection:

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