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I have the 57946 6 Zone Controller, have had it several years now. I have had it on three different Access Points, through two different routers and as with any WiFi device had to reset/reconfig the Controller (New SSIDs/Subnet/VLAN). It presently is attached to an EAP660 (which Rocks) routing through a pfSense router. No problems except with power outages, the Controller won’t reconnect to the AP unless I power cycle it. What I ended up doing is connect the Controller to a smart plug so I could remotely power cycle it. TIP: Temporarily turn off your 5GHz radio on your AP/Router and only have it connect (upon initial setup) via 2.4GHz to finish the setup, then you can turn your 5GHz radio back on, all is good. Not uncommon with 2.4GHz only devices and SOHO Routers…