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My B-hyve app (since the 3.x update) has behaved just as the OP indicated – the TEST function is almost useless. And I’ve been updated to 3.0.15 Build 1014 and it’s no better. Version 2.x worked flawlessly in the TEST section. But now, when I want to test a station, the app doesn’t seem to recognize my taps until I’ve tried it several times, or sometimes I just have to kill the app and re-launch and that sometimes fixes it. I was told by Orbit support that I should try completely deleting the app and re-installing. I am not willing to do this for two reasons:

1. This ‘suggestion’ is coming from a script that the support person is merely reading. They do not know anything about the app, or how it is supposed to work.
2. Doing this will mean that B-hyve will know nothing about my sprinkler system (timers, zones, etc) and I will have to set all of that up from scratch.

I’ve been writing software for over 47 years. I know a thing or two about programs, and this program’s problems are due to insufficient testing prior to release.