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@wchertkow i don’t believe you actually experienced this botched FW update issue. if you believe you did and somehow how managed to resolve it client-side, please elaborate.

as someone who works in technology, i can say this is obviously quite a major disruption to Orbit’s b-hyve business but it seems resolvable. to say these devices are ‘bricked’ isn’t 100% precise because there appears to be a Bluetooth failsafe built in. i.e. even with the persistent blinking white LEDs, what-the-documentation-identifies-as ‘bootloader/firmware mode,’ i can see a paired Bluetooth connection between the HTs and my iOS device. so that would seem to mean that the developers/engineers should be able to get updated code onto the HTs. that OTA failsafe is typically not possible with a ‘bricked device’ in the conventional sense.

i’ll remain patient with my three “bricked” HTs for now trusting that Orbit should be able to get this fixed.