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Hercule Poirot
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I created an account to post that it is hard to believe to what has just happened. Thousands of 21005 devices have been bricked it looks like. Everybody who tried to access one in the last few days. Mine is blinking bluish white, just like all of yours, and refuses to update the firmware. iOS did not work, as expected. But my old Samsung S7 did not work either.
Basically, this sort of “firmware update” is a diversion. A virus that has killed a lot of devices.
I see that many managed to get hold of a human on Orbit support. I wasn’t so lucky. Only chatbots for me.
It would be prudent for Orbit to reach out to everybody who owns a 21005, warn them about the situation and explain what the company is going to do about this. This smells like a class action lawsuit to me. This is just crazy.