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I’ve had occasional, but not continuous connectivity with Orbit/B-hyve app…which is why I prefer to try to connect and manage with a NON-WEB-BASED system. I use HomeAssistant and it does some of what I like. But the App has been on-and-off. The firmware update to v58 (for a 24634 device and Gen 2 hub) has totally BORKED the management of the battery, which makes it utterly useless when offsite. The App itself is…sort of OK but often has connectivity issues with Orbit (their web/contact systems suck?).

Meanwhile, as users, in the middle of summer….we are stuck with ineffective and semi-useful systems. So far have seen NO acknowledgement from Orbit that they care in any way, shape of form. I’ve got close to $1,000 CDN invested in their equipment and I am not a happy camper.