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AFAIK there is not a method to downgrade. If Orbit ever bothered to answer, they might be able to either confirm that, or offer an actual method.

Couple of questions:
– can you (still) “see” the hub on your WiFi and does it respond to a ping?
– can you use a Bluetooth device that isn’t your phone and see if that device can see the hose faucet as a potential connection? (Not sure if anything will show up…my already-connected devices do not)
– did you also “Reset Device Connection” on the App (MyBHyve/Devices/[select device]/Reset Device Connection)
– as a real last-kick-at-the-cat option, try doing the reset from the WEB login at BHyve as well (mine only sees 1 of my 4 devices for some bad-programming reason, so I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope for this one)
– again, as an off-chance, see if the WEB version sees the saved programs…

Documentation? What’s that?