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First Time

Today, I’ve reconnected my system. The irrigation works manually just fine from the actual device. When I try to connect to it though, the bhyve app will NOT send any commands, including manual irrigation.
I ended up resetting everything, restarting my entire network and still nothing, using a different wifi, a hotspot, 2 different phones including an Android.
What used to happen after reset, is that I put the device in pairing mode, then I would connect to it succesfully via bluetooth, and then enrol it in the wifi network. All that seemed succesful, but the bhyve app WOULD NOT SEND ANY COMMAND to the device. After having a HELLISH day trying to sort this out, in the evening, it just started working.
So I assume this was a server side issue from ORBIT, I just wish we’d get notified when stuff is down, because I had to reset EVERYTHING trying to solve the problem and that was all for nothing, and then spent 2 hours reconfiguring stuff…horrible