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    Taehoon Kim
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    I am currently facing a physical issue with the hose timer product, which is preventing the valve from turning on and off.
    Due to this problem, I have purchased a new “Smart hose timer” from your company, as I have been satisfied with your product.

    Despite configuring the new product in the same way as the previous one, it is unable to retrieve weather information. As a result, the “Smart watering” feature is not functioning properly.

    In response to my previous inquiry, modifying the location information had resolved the issue. However, even after entering the same information, the problem persists.

    I was wondering if there are specific settings that need to be adjusted in your management system for overseas locations in order for me to use the product correctly.
    If that is the case, I kindly request that you make the necessary changes.
    If not, please provide me with a solution to this problem.

    I eagerly await your response. I have attached screenshots capturing information about my product and the issue at hand.

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