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    Model: 57946
    Firmware: 0032
    Hardware Version: wt25-0001

    I have used this unit now two years without issue. But now I seem to be having issue. The unit was working with just one of the four zones, so I assumed solinoid or cable or something outside. But using multimeter and flipping zone1 which was working fine, with solenoid contacts for other three zones.. it seemed to be cable or controller. I then turned to controller and unplugged all wires from binding posts and did full reset (button on back) and removed from app. Jointed to wifi, and started communication wizard. When it says to test each zone it errors and says unable to communicate. But I think their is a more fundamental issue, a Multimeter on AC -> Ground post contact the outputs:
    Post VAC
    — —
    24VAC 0
    24VAC 29
    Sensor(1) black wire loop Sensor (2) 29
    Sensor(2) black wire loop Sensor (1) 29
    Com 0
    Pump 28
    1 27.9
    2 26.7
    3 27.7
    4 27.9
    5 28.2
    6 27
    com 0

    I believe relays should be NO on zones 1-6 and so default state 0VAC until zone is “tested / on”. I would blame a burned out relay or such issue but now all zones show same, after reset, even what was working (zone 1). So hoping this is some reset mode or setting to get relays to reset.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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